Need help communicating what  you're doing to a wider audience? Call us. Want to tell your story on cocowire? We have options!

cocowire is a unit of, which has skilled content providers, social media specialists, photographers and videographers who can, indeed, help you tell your story.

Here’s how:

  • Targeted email campaigns

  • Press releases

  • Digital and print newsletters

  • Video and radio interviews

  • Event flyers, brochures and signs

  • Event coverage with skilled journalist and photographer or videographer

  • Media outreach—local, regional and national, including coco media

  • Social media promotion

We have cross-platform promotional packages that are provided a la carte—meaning all you pay for is what you need. You create the package, based upon what you want to accomplish.  Click here to see the friendly priced packages.

And to advertise on cocowire, contact us at or (561) 203-9311. Post your ad in front of this market and let our communities see what you do!