‘Just So You Know’

Each week, come here to hear our community leaders share their views on what's happening, what's right and wrong, and how to get to plus.  Just so you know, as Judge Rodgers used to say. 

Health = Wealth

Become A Proud Sponsor That’s what I do: provide resources for fitness and financial education to the youth for them to create a masterplan for success. I created Brick By Brick Academy in 2020 with the mission to educate and impact the community in a positive way. We have exemplified our mission through food drives […]

The Vibe Was Great!

There was lots of skills and talent in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens on Sunday—and not just on the football field. Just imagine: there were some 50,000 people there, in attendance, who are college-educated, in college, planning to go, have already been.  They were all there for the Orange Bowl Classic between Florida […]

A Voice for Change— Especially Now

Growing up, I always wanted to be somebody who was considered “a good role model.” I never wanted to use my platform to brag, but to motivate. I wanted to be the person that showed the younger generation behind me that you can be whatever you want to be as long as you work hard […]

My African Experience

My entire life, I have been submerged in African culture by my family and their friends. Even my name–Nyota Ya-Asubuhi–is Swahili and means Star Of the Morning. It all led to my intense interest in the African diaspora, which also saw me create All About Us LLC in 2017, which specializes in selling African designer […]

‘Say Yes to Mental Success’

  The Allen and Adderly families of West Palm Beach have suffered theunthinkable, twice, but they’ve risen above the ashes–literally. Yes,their  home has been in ruins since July 5 when a loved one, Trevonte Tavaris Adderly, 26, who suffers from mental illness, tried to kill his grandmother, Delores Allen, then set her house on fire. […]

Justice coming for others? Keep the faith

It was in the early morning hours on October 18, 2015, when Corey Jones’ vehicle stalled along an I-95 exit ramp in Palm Beach Gardens (PBG). As we know today, he was killed at the hands of the now-former PBG police officer, Nouman Raja. When we in the community heard of Corey’s tragic death, our […]


Judge Edward Rodgers was the first black judge in the state of Florida when he was named in 1977 to the Circuit Court in Palm Beach County. He has been many other firsts--the first black city attorney in Riviera Beach, for example, and in Palm Beach County--during his long, rich career in Florida-based jurisprudence. He created the first Civil Drug Court in 1999 in Riviera Beach, where it still operates, and the U.S. Post Office in Riviera Beach was named for him in 2004. Sadly, he died October 20, 2018. He was 91.