Did You Know...

Each week, cocowire will offer information that may not be well known at all. 

…that Cori Gauff is the youngest Wimbledon player ever–and is from PBC?

Fifteen-year-old Cori–also known as Coco (love that!)–reached the second round of the top tennis tournament in the world Monday by beating her idol, Venus Williams. Wimbledon, played annually in London, England, is considered the Grand Slam tournament of the sport. The talented young lady is from Delray Beach and comes from a family of athletes: […]
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…there’s only five black-owned bookstores in Florida–and one is in PBC?

According to the African-American Literature Book Club, a national compilation of these stores,  there are only four bookstores in the Sunshine State owned by people of African descent and they’re located in Longwood, Tampa, Pensacola and St. Petersburg. There’s a new one, though, which is as-yet unlisted on the book club site, and it is […]
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…that the Florida mayor running for president is Jamaican? Yeah, mon!

Wayne Messam was re-elected in November to his second four-year term as mayor of the City of Miramar in Broward County. Four months later, he’s running for U.S. president. Watch his announcement video below. The 44-year-old construction company owner grew up in South Bay, the little agricultural town out in the Glades area of Palm […]
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…that the PBC school district headquarters is named for a black man who sued it repeatedly for racism?

The School District of Palm Beach County (PBCSD) named its West Palm Beach headquarters the Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center in 1996. It was also the first time a public building in Palm Beach County (PBC) was named for a person of color. (Fulton refers to former District Superintendent Robert Fulton. In 1956, William ‘Bill’ Holland […]
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…there is only one place in the world where MLK and Obama meet?

 ‘Tis true, and it is in Riviera Beach. In December 2015, a year-long effort by Mayor Thomas A. Masters resulted in the renaming of the former north-south Old Dixie Highway to President Barack Obama Highway. ‘Obama Way,’ as residents call it, meets the east-west Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (MLK) at the corner just in […]
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…that you can see ‘Black Panther’ for free?

‘Tis true: Black Panther is back in hundreds of theatres for free across the country–including in West Palm Beach–for Black History Month. Beginning today through February 7, the Academy Award-nominated film will be free to view at 250 AMC Theatres, including AMC CityPlace 20. The Walt Disney Co., which distributed the film, announced the package […]
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