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…that, after a century in downtown WPB, the ‘Edgewater’ was moved to the historic Northwest neighborhood?

Since the 1920’s, the Edgewater had sat at 316 Gardenia Street in downtown West Palm Beach, serving as a rooming house for area workers. In October, the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (WPBCRA) moved the century-old structure to its new home in the historic Northwest neighborhood, nearly two miles away, an effort that took nearly two days. Well, it actually took nearly four years, considering the planning and approval-seeking processes required of government officials and the property owner to get the project done. Interestingly, the owner had planned to demolish the Edgewater for use as a parking lot but the city pushed back: too much history. So, the structure was donated to the city, which moved it to its new location, 4th Street and Division Avenue.  To make the trip, workers had to remove traffic signals, street signs and trim trees. The 40-foot-wide, two-story building had been a 12-unit rooming house but is now to be a bed and breakfast–part of the WPBCRA’s plan to revitalize the neighborhood and create a draw for African-American tourism. What else is in the neighborhood? Lots, including the iconic Sunset Lounge, currently being refurbished. Watch a video of the moving project below.

The work begins…

Click here to read a local news story about the project.

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…that there’s a new black-owned sneaker line and it’s based, here, in Palm Beach County?

Yes, it’s true and it is powered by Jervonte “Tae” Edmonds, founder of Suits for Seniors, a young, hard-working non-profit that provides an eight-week, life-skills training program for high school seniors and, if they complete it successfully, gives each of them a new, crisply tailored suit. Founded in 2015, ‘Suits’ has become hugely popular–to the point that Mr. Edmonds now provides services for even younger students and has lots and lots of corporate sponsors and governmental support. Indeed, that may be why he wrote Adventures of the Rich and Famous, a book that teaches young children that they can be what they want to be, as long as they believe in themselves. The sneakers though? They’re meant to provide support for a college scholarship fund for his students but, when asked about the backstory, Mr. Edmonds was super clear. “I was once told before you leave this earth, you want to make sure you have shared all your gifts with the world,” he said. “First it was a children’s book now it’s a shoe dedicated to our ancestor’s tenacity and perseverance.” The sneakers are in three different styles in three different colors: bloodline (red), midnight (black) and cotton (white) and are available for pre-order here. The official launch of the new ‘brand’ will be later this month. To learn more about the sneakers, about ‘Suits’ and about Tae himself, click here. Or, just check back here on cocowire!

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Free Covid-19 Testing in Riviera Beach–for All

From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, August 21st, there will be free pandemic testing on the “Warrior” and the “Scout” mobile clinics at Wells Recreation Center, located just across from City Hall.
The testing site is in partnership with the Health Care District of Palm Beach County (PBC), whose team will administer the tests–and operate the Warrior and the Scout. The tests are open to residents in Riviera Beach and in the rest of PBC. Plus:

  • Appointments aren’t necessary
  • The tests are free and open to City and PBC residents
  • Any and all ages–with or without symptoms–can be tested
  • Attendees can either walk up or drive up
  • Bring proof of identity, such as a driver’s license or other photo ID
  • Wear a face mask and practice social distancing
  • Results will be provided as soon as available
  • Questions? Call 561-642-1000.

For a list of additional testing site locations, click here.

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…that one of the actresses on the new ‘All That’ is from WPB?

Gabrielle Green is a 14-year-old performer who studied theatre at Bak Middle School of the Arts in West Palm Beach (WPB) before her family moved to Los Angeles and she pursued her acting career. The sketch-comedy series originally aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 2005, becoming a fixture on the cable network and receiving acclaim for its diverse cast and impact on children’s TV. It  relaunched with a new cast, including Ms. Green, and premiered in June. All That was also Nickelodeon’s longest-running, live-action series with 171 episodes across those 10 seasons. Gabrielle Green has also performed in Speechless and Lying Together and has worked as a brand representative. Watch a short clip of the show below (and that’s her in the picture, with the Afro, on the right).

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‘Foe Foe Tha Don’

Meet 24-year-old rapper Foe Foe Tha Don, a West Palm Beach native who’s bringing a message to the airwaves. The message? That, no matter what trials and tribulations life brings, never give up. He’s living testimony to that: a two-time convicted felon, Foe Foe Tha Don never gave up. While serving time in prison, he said, he focused on his future, not his past, and worked to perfect his craft. The song featured here, Message, is real and raw; blatantly so.

When asked about his inspiration for the song, his answer was simple. “The song came from stress and letting petty things get to my head,” he said, “like old friends who felt a way because I came home with a different mindset from when I left.” Message voices the struggles, growing pains and hopes of a young talented black man who made some mistakes while living in America—but works to overcome those mistakes. Today, he has a daughter (that’s her in the picture, at top) and a full-time job. With lyrics like “never been the type to wait for a handout” and “I got a daughter now so I move right” and “I was tired of going through the same thing,” his views are eminently relatable. He has released more music on YouTube, including a tune called No Pain; click here to hear it. Wishing you the best, Foe Foe!   

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A Blue Rave, During the Day

On Saturday November 3, I took a two-and-a-half-hour drive to Orlando from south Florida for a party called ‘Blue Rave, Day Rave.’ People to whom I told my plans thought I was loopy. Even my own mother remarked “you really want to drive that far for a party?” However, what they didn’t understand is this: the Rave is not just a party; it’s an experience.
A little backstory. Blue Rave, Day Rave is an all-inclusive Jamaican dance party held annually in Orlando, complete with top-shelf liquor and catered foods and desserts. Can’t beat that for $50.
This year’s venue was odd, to say the least: a junkyard that had been spruced up with neon displays and decorations. But it worked. There’s a saying that Jamaicans can’t arrive anywhere on time. I am here to testify: true. The party started at 6 p.m., yes, but when I arrived at 8 p.m., there was barely any one there! A two-hour drive for a dead party?! But, boy, was I wrong. By about 9:30 p.m., people were pouring in like Red Stripe in a tall glass! Some were dressed in heels and designer clothing, others in active wear. Yet, the vibe was cool. The guest selector, DJ National, knew just what to play to get the crowd singing and dancing, while New York-based comedian and dancehall artist Noah Powa, the MC, kept the energy alive. What added to the night’s hot, hot, hot aura? Free drinks, steadily flowing! I didn’t want to leave! It was a night to remember and worth the drive.

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Batta Ears Boy

Recently, all over my social media news-feeds, parties and events, men have been proclaiming that they don’t want a Batta Ears Gyal, and it’s getting annoying.The term was popularized by Dancehall artiste Govana in his song Bake Bean. The chorus of the song is as follows “Some man a hype wid a bagga waste gal/Gena gena we nuh wife batta ears gal/Boy go ova yasuh wid yuh macka face gal/Gena gena we nuh wife batta ears gal”. The definition of Batta Ears Gyal is a female lacking ambition or self-worth. However, my question to Govana, and all his supporters, what is equatable to being a Batta Ears Gyal as a man? Lazy cannot do, we need something that is equally as offensive. Maybe a Batta Ears Boy?According to The Washington Post, women are dominating men at college. Last year, woman earned 57.4% of all bachelor’s degrees. But that’s not it, Forbes did a study that showed black woman as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. Since 1997, the number of businesses owned by black woman has grown more than 322%.In a nutshell, woman are bossing up and the figures are here to prove it. So Govana, we don’t husband no Batta Ears Boys.

Jada Brown is the host of the All Access Show, a bi-continental radio show that airs on 97.1 FM in south Florida and in Jamaica. She is also the owner of JB Entertainment, which does marketing.

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Phantomm The Bad Breed

Take one good look at the 24-year-old artist Phantomm, and you will automatically see the passion in his eyes. The same passion that has fueled a very successful career in music.

Phantomm loved music from an early start. He recounts how he would come up with lyrics and melodies even while in school and his friends would push him to eventually take his music seriously. These same friends lovingly gave him the name Phantomm, which originates from the popular cartoon Danny Phantom. They call him this because he was quiet and could disappear and reappear without anyone noticing, similar to a ghost. The name stuck obviously, and to this day, he’s still friends with these young men. You have probably seen them calling themselves #TOPWEST.

Phantomm has produced his own genre of music called Bad Breed. He says “I can’t limit myself to saying I’m only a reggae artist or only a dancehall artist. I have my own style which encompasses many different musical elements. I plan to introduce the world to Bad Breed and show them what I am capable of.” Don’t think music alone he is recognized for; good looks as well. His current hit song ‘Bad Breed Gyal’ stems inspiration from a considerable number of girls fighting over the “Bad Breed General.”

Ask Phantomm what’s next and he remarks “I just want my fans to support me through everything. Be loyal to me and I will be loyal to you. I’m focused on bigger and better things. I’m constantly working to put out music that the world needs.” Welcome to JB Entertainment Phantomm, we look forward to working with you and supporting the stardom that’s due to you!