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The ‘Crazy P’s’

At cocowire, we haven’t been interested. We like good, local, positive news. But the Crazy P’s—the crazy pandemic, the crazy protests, the crazy politics—haven’t been much of that. So, we haven’t been posting as much during the last year. Or two. Including on our calendar because so many events have become virtual. And not as interesting. Even the Caribbean-American for Community Involvement (CAFCI) has cancelled it’s annual Friendship Ball because of the Delta Variant.  But despite all the Crazy P’s, we are beginning to write again. To connect again. We started the monthly newsletter again in May 2021 (read it here). Some events are still virtual—we include them, despite—but most are becoming open again. And outside. With social distancing and face masks. So. We’re all changing. In the world and here. So, share your information with us and we’ll share it with the community. And, even as we decide to ignore the Crazy P’s, there is some good news from all of it: interestingly, the peoples of the African diaspora have been more in the news. In a positive way. And in commercials, being used to pitch products. Check it out! Interesting. But don’t look for the Crazy P’s.

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Any Questions for Elective Office Candidates?

Then come. The event will be held at 6 p.m. tomorrow October 6 at St. John Missionary Baptist Church in West Palm Beach. All of the African diaspora candidates have been invited, but the only ones who agreed to come–so far–are those in the flyer. The one at the top, state Senator Bobby Powell, is currently in office. This win, on November 8, would be #3. The other two are both running for the Palm Beach County School Board. Against each other. For more information, call 561-373-6521 or send an email here. Or, just go.

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…that the City of Riviera Beach became 100 years old in September 2022?

Yes. The City was created September 29, 1922, when City residents learned the City of West Palm Beach was going to seek to annex its neighbor. They then voted to create the Town of Riviera. Lots has happened since, including the creation of the Port of Palm Beach, the Riviera Beach City Marina and, of course, Singer Island. The 90th anniversary edition of the City’s newsletter, on the left, has the City’s full story in it. Click here to read it.

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He’s Running for Elective Office. Again.

When he wins, it’ll be his third term as a state Senator. The campaign kickoff will be held at 5:30 p.m. on tomorrow, Tuesday, October 4, at the law offices of Lewis, Longman and Walker, P.A., near downtown West Palm Beach. To attend, call 561-203-9442 or send an email here. Which is required. And, to learn more about state Senator Bobby Powell, click here. He works hard. And achieves.

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Do You Know Any of Them?

They are South Florida’s 40 Under 40 Future Black Leaders of Today & Tomorrow. That’s according to Hollywood-based MIA Media Group, which publishes Legacy Magazine and seeks to highlight the achieving. To learn more about them and what they do, click here and here. And we do know at least one of them: Samantha Cyprian, the hardworking founder of Soul Movement, a dance school for the young based in West Palm Beach. To learn more about what she does, day in and day out, click here to visit her website. And that’s her, on the right side, second row. Without a smile. Probably because of how hard she works.

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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. This year? That’s September 5! It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day weekend also symbolizes the end of summer for many Americans, and is celebrated with parties, street parades and athletic events. To learn more, click here. Or, just look at the coco calendar.

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Help The Young.

That’s here in Palm Beach County (PBC). There are currently two different after-school programs for those primarily in high school. The key: register now! Read about the two programs down below. And register by the deadlines shown under the pictures.

Deadline to Apply: Dec. 9, 2022

Students in the 9th to 12th grades in the School District of PBC are being asked to write about a historical event involving racial injustice in America. Potential topics can be found here. There will be workshops that can help that will be held in person and via Zoom. Just look at the flyer for more information or send an email here or here. What will they win? At least $5,000 in scholarships will be awarded.

Deadline to Apply: Sept. 16, 2022

Everyone can learn AI. That’s as in Artifical Intellgence (AI). That’s the name of the bootcamp founded in 2019 by Dallas-based Mark Cuban, who seeks to, as his website says, teach the young about technology during the four days of the camp. Indeed, the AI Bootcamp has already taught 400-plus students in 10 cities, including Philadelphia, Houston and Atlantic City, New Jersey. And, now, they’ve come to West Palm Beach. In order to attend, students must register here by September 16. And, to learn more about the camp and its founder, click here to visit the website.

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He Achieves. Continuously.

Jervonte ‘Tae’ Edmonds graduated from college in 2015, opened a now-nationally known nonprofit while there, worked for two different state elected officials. He’s also written a book for children titled Adventures of the Rich and Famous and, even, designed and created a sneaker. Now, today, he is also in elective office, having run successfully for the state House of Representatives in 2021. The nonprofit he founded? Suits for Seniors, which is an eight-week, life-skills training program for high school students that, if they finish successfully, will provide a custom-made suit. In honor of the program, he is co-hosting the I THINK I Can Scholarship Breakfast at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, in West Palm Beach and is still seeking vendors. The first-ever event is being sponsored by the Fredreck A. Deluca Foundation, Verizon and the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

That’s Steve Harvey in the picture, on the right, with state Rep. Edmonds (District 88). To learn more about the event and to register or become a vendor, click here. And, to learn more about Suits for Seniors, here, about state Rep. Edmonds, here and, even, about the sneakers. Here

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Ever Heard of Soul Movement?

If your child is interested in dance, register her—and him—with Soul Movement, a young, community-focused dance conservatory that provides dance classes for children starting at age 3 and a performance ensemble for the skilled, ages 10 to 18. Indeed, it just hosted a grand opening of its new location in the historic Northwood community in West Palm Beach on June 24. There will be classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip-Hop—not twerking—and will expand to include fitness, yoga and wellness classes for adults. That’s according to Samantha Cyprian, the founder. To learn more about Soul Movement, click here to visit its website or just contact Ms. Cyprian at 561-888-9074 or send an email here. “We are very excited to have the ability to give the community dance,” said Ms. Cyprian, herself a dance lady. The picture, above, was taken at a previous event. Watch the video, below, taken on the streets of Northwood during the grand opening event.

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Juneteenth refers to that day, June 19, 1865, when slaves in Texas were freed by the Union Army–two-and-a-half years after President Lincoln had signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Imagine. Also known as Freedom Day and Emancipation Day, Juneteenth is recognized as a state holiday or special day of observance in 45 states, including Florida. Ever heard of Juneteeth of Palm Beach County? Click here to visit its website. Indeed, they’re hosting an event this month. On June 19.