About Us


cocowire is a unit of tysMedia, where we help you tell your story. It is focused on communities of color across Palm Beach County, Fla.; that is, African-Americans, Caribbean blacks and native Africans. In other words, the African diaspora. We have skilled writers, graphic designers, photographers and videographers on our team.

We deliver hyperlocal news, events and useful information that is provided by or gathered from area businesses, government agencies, religious institutions, schools, nonprofits and news organizations. We also include items from across south Florida, the state, the nation and the world—as long as those items touch us here in some way. So share your news and information with us and we’ll share it with the community!

If you need specialized communications services, from written content to specialized ad campaigns, call us.

And if you’re looking for something to do this weekend or just want to read about  what's happening in our communities, go coco.