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He Achieves. Continuously.

Jervonte ‘Tae’ Edmonds graduated from college in 2015, opened a now-nationally known nonprofit while there, worked for two different state elected officials. He’s also written a book for children titled Adventures of the Rich and Famous and, even, designed and created a sneaker. Now, today, he is also in elective office, having run successfully for the state House of Representatives in 2021. The nonprofit he founded? Suits for Seniors, which is an eight-week, life-skills training program for high school students that, if they finish successfully, will provide a custom-made suit. In honor of the program, he is co-hosting the I THINK I Can Scholarship Breakfast at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, August 3, 2022, in West Palm Beach and is still seeking vendors. The first-ever event is being sponsored by the Fredreck A. Deluca Foundation, Verizon and the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

That’s Steve Harvey in the picture, on the right, with state Rep. Edmonds (District 88). To learn more about the event and to register or become a vendor, click here. And, to learn more about Suits for Seniors, here, about state Rep. Edmonds, here and, even, about the sneakers. Here