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Ever Heard of Soul Movement?

If your child is interested in dance, register her—and him—with Soul Movement, a young, community-focused dance conservatory that provides dance classes for children starting at age 3 and a performance ensemble for the skilled, ages 10 to 18. Indeed, it just hosted a grand opening of its new location in the historic Northwood community in West Palm Beach on June 24. There will be classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern and Hip-Hop—not twerking—and will expand to include fitness, yoga and wellness classes for adults. That’s according to Samantha Cyprian, the founder. To learn more about Soul Movement, click here to visit its website or just contact Ms. Cyprian at 561-888-9074 or send an email here. “We are very excited to have the ability to give the community dance,” said Ms. Cyprian, herself a dance lady. The picture, above, was taken at a previous event. Watch the video, below, taken on the streets of Northwood during the grand opening event.