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That word refers to President Biden’s preferences. Nearly every highlighted-position choice he’s had to make he’s filled with a woman of color. Like Vice President. And Supreme Court Justice. And White House Press Secretary.

Kamala Harris is his choice as vice president. She had been a U.S. Senator, a statewide prosecutor and had even run for president herself.

Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated as part of a narrowed list of his first U.S. Supreme Court pick—and, then, in April 2022, was chosen as our new, current Supreme Court Justice.

And, just this month, Karine Jean-Pierre was named the White House’s first black female press secretary, a high-profile role speaking for both the president and the U.S. government in press briefings watched around the world.

Each of the positions is high-end and very obvious to the community. They are also being held for the first time by black women. Also, Vice President Harris is of Caribbean descent because her father is from Jamaica, while Justice Brown Jackson is from south Florida and Spokesperson Jean-Pierre is from Martinique which is, also, in the Caribbean. And they’re all married to white men. Except the Spokesperson. She’s in a long-term relationship with her partner, a white woman. That’s because she’s a lesbian. Click here to learn more about her in a national news story and, here, about the Supreme Court Justice. And about the Vice President? Just watch the news.