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The SOS Warriors Are Going To London Next Year. They Need Your Help.

The Sounds Of Success (SOS) Community Marching Band—aka the SOS Warriors—has been playing live music for four years, based in Riviera Beach. Band members are young, committed and performing! There’s a summer camp, they play at different events in different cities statewide—including, most recently Tallahassee, Orlando and Ft. Myers—and will be playing in Atlanta in May 2022. And, in June of next year, they will be heading to London to play for the Queen! Indeed, it will be the only band from the United States of many there for the annual event, London Band Week, which does seek to honor Queen Elizabeth II in England. Among other things.

So, watch the video, below, provided on March 16 by a local news source, and consider supporting the band and its founder, the young, hardworking Antoine K. Miller, who has been playing instruments since he was a child, played in the iconic FAMU Marching Band in college and has taught music education at several public and charter schools in Palm Beach County. He created the band in 2018.

“This is what I’ve done all my life,” he says, “and I want to continue.”

To learn more about what he—and the band—does every single day, click here to read a story and here to visit its website. Or just watch the video. And consider being a sponsor. 

The Sounds of Success Marching Band leaders.

And, to learn more about the big event, scheduled for June 27 to July 2, 2023, click here to visit its website. It’s interesting website.