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…that the First African American Woman to Win a Speedskating Medal is from South Florida?

Yes. Erin Jackson, 29, is also the first female to win that speedskating medal and the first American to do so this Olympics season. It happened on Sunday, February 13 in Beirut, China. She is a native of Ocala and first began skating at age 8 in 2003, when she tried figure stating. She ran track and field while at Forest High School, from which she graduated in 2011, and continued her sports interests at the University of Florida, where she earned a degree in Materials, Science & Engineering when she graduated in 2015.

This is Her!

From there, her interests in sports—well, skating—continued.  She started speed skating in 2017—including trying ice for the first time—and began winning. Click here to read a national news story to get a sense of her accomplishments and, here, to visit her website. So, she is from Florida but lives in Utah. Right now, though, she is in China.