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…that, after a century in downtown WPB, the ‘Edgewater’ was moved to the historic Northwest neighborhood?

Since the 1920’s, the Edgewater had sat at 316 Gardenia Street in downtown West Palm Beach, serving as a rooming house for area workers. In October, the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (WPBCRA) moved the century-old structure to its new home in the historic Northwest neighborhood, nearly two miles away, an effort that took nearly two days. Well, it actually took nearly four years, considering the planning and approval-seeking processes required of government officials and the property owner to get the project done. Interestingly, the owner had planned to demolish the Edgewater for use as a parking lot but the city pushed back: too much history. So, the structure was donated to the city, which moved it to its new location, 4th Street and Division Avenue.  To make the trip, workers had to remove traffic signals, street signs and trim trees. The 40-foot-wide, two-story building had been a 12-unit rooming house but is now to be a bed and breakfast–part of the WPBCRA’s plan to revitalize the neighborhood and create a draw for African-American tourism. What else is in the neighborhood? Lots, including the iconic Sunset Lounge, currently being refurbished. Watch a video of the moving project below.

The work begins…

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