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Need Some Weed? Here.

NuAge Medical just opened in October and is a new medical marijuana clinic in the City of Riviera Beach, the only such facility owned and operated by people of color in Palm Beach County.

Fritz Pamphile and Leon Martin, the owners of NuAge Medical, stand in front of the new medical marijuana clinic.

The state of Florida approved use of medical pot in 2016 and its Department of Health has been putting things in place ever since. Fritz Pamphile is the founder of NuAge Medical and the South Florida representative for Minorities 4 Medical Marijuana, an Orlando-based nonprofit that works to ensure minorities get connected to the fast-growing, billion-dollar industry.

NuAge can help clients obtain the necessary state-required medical marijuana cards, sells CBD-related products onsite and pushes awareness about holistic medicines and care. But it doesn’t sell products with THC, the substance that causes the ‘high,’ like the 18 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in PBC. There will be a medical doctor onsite.

“We’re here to assist you,” Mr. Pamphile said. “Weed is not all bad and we’re not trying to get you high. These are alternative, holistic medicines that we offer that can make you healthy. Not high.” The products can help with cancer, PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar diseases, aches and pains, arthritis and dementia. Mr. Pamphile said he and his business partner, Leon Martin, plan to open locations in other “underserved urban areas” in PBC.

For more information, call 561-441-9177, send an email to or visit its website here. And, no: they don’t sell weed.