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June is ‘Suits for Seniors’ Month in PBC

WEST PALM BEACH – At the Board of County Commissioners meeting on June 4, 2019, Mayor Bernard presented a proclamation declaring June 2019 Suits for Seniors Month in Palm Beach County.

That’s the language and picture on Palm Beach County (PBC)’s website from last year and, at today’s regular County Commission meeting, only one will update: the official announcement of June 2020 as Suits for Senior Month.

There will be no photographs, though, thanks to the pandemic: the meeting will be held viral and there will be no public recognition, no celebratory event.

Instead, the founder/CEO of ‘Suits,’ Jervonte Edmonds, has created another way to still celebrate its work, its students and, especially, its mentors during the month of June, thanks to PBC.

#SuitsforSeniorsMonth has been born. There will be a Suits for Seniors Business Week, which will run from June 15-20, and will celebrate something different every day, and there will also be other events during other days in June.

The County Commission will announce the month-long recognition at today’s regular Board meeting. Click here to learn more about Suits for Seniors.

All of it focused on what the young, hardworking nonprofit is all about: mentoring. Indeed, Mr. Edmonds launched’ Suits’ in 2015 while a student at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton and working for one of his own mentors, state Senator Bobby Powell.

“Research has shown that young people who are connected to a mentor improves the academic, social and economic prospects of their lives,” Mr. Edmonds said. “That ultimately strengthens our community. More than ever we need mentors to step into our youth’s lives—and that’s what we’ll do this month: celebrate the impact of mentoring and offer our community a chance to save a life.”

Nearly all of the activities will be done online. Besides the scheduled upcoming Business Week, other events include Thank You Mentor Day on tomorrow, June 3, when participating students are encouraged to send a note or card or use social media to say thank you.

Another big day? Suits for Seniors Day today—when PBC is scheduled to make the announcement again, this time for 2020, which will “hopefully inspire more people to learn more about mentoring with us,” Mr. Edmonds said.

It, again, will be done viral.

“And that’s unfortunate, in a sense,” Commissioner Mack Bernard said. “But the good news is the good work Suits does with our young people across Palm Beach County will continue. No matter what.”

For sure. And, by the way, that’s Mr. Edmonds standing to Commissioner Bernard’s right, in the picture at top, while Senator Powell is on the far left. To learn more about Mr. Edmonds, click here; about Commissioner Bernard, here; and, about Senator Powell, here.

All three? Mentors for sure.