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PBC Govt. Summer Camp Scholarship Program. Apply by March 31, 2020.

Palm Beach County’s Youth Services Program has a list of 120 camps that are everywhere–from Boca Raton to Riviera Beach to Jupiter to Royal Palm Beach to the Glades–and all of them can be attended for free! Just apply for a County Scholarship, which provides full tuition and fees for families that meet certain eligibility requirements. See the full list of camps here and, below, learn about two that teach what many students don’t get nowadays in school: performance arts and music education.

Sounds of Success Music Corp.

The T-shirts worn by the performing SOS Community Marching Band members each have one word on the back: Warrior. That’s because whether they’re playing instruments, carrying flags in sequence, dancing in order–the young people in this band don’t play. Rather, they have so much fun! Whether they perform locally, in other parts of the County or Florida or, in some cases, even out of state, they are music and performance warriors. The summer camp is just an extension, and includes weekly field trips, free transportation and themed classes taught by certified instructors. Click here to get the SOS Band Summer Camp’s full details.
Learn more about the year-round, Riviera Beach-based program here.

Broadway Theatre Camp

This camp is a wow! It is part of a year-round effort to provide training in song, dance, acting–everything that happens on a stage!–by the Palm Beach Children’s Chorus. In fact, each week will have a different theme, including Broadway Musical, video and TV production, film and digital media and focused music genres. Said Sandi Russell, the nonprofit’s founder: “We just want to ensure as many children as possible can attend–especially kids who are interested in what we do: performance.” There’s also free lunch, stage craft and costume design as well as academic classes taught by certified educators.
Learn more about the year-round, Palm Beach Gardens-based program here.