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It may not be the best video–no sound, really dark–but watch it.

And to think she’s never taken a dance class!

Every Sunday, the Caribbean-themed TikiMarket at the Marina in Riviera Beach happens from 4 to 7 p.m. Last week, we were there at the end of the evening, as vendors were shutting down, carrying their stuff to their cars, and the DJ played a last few songs. That’s when we saw her: the little dancing lady! Nine-year-old Daneeka Howard, who lives in Lake Park, was jooking! Not twerking, not dropping it like it’s hot—but turning, twisting, bouncing, shaking…in a really skilled way. Yet she’s never taken a dance class, according to her mother, Sonia Stone, who owns Simply Stunning Organic and was selling paraffin/soy candles at the TikiMarket. “But she’s always loved dancing, since she was little, like, age 3,” Ms. Stone said, “and she’s always been very confident in herself. If someone said to her ‘oh, you’re so pretty, so nice,’ she’ll be like ‘thank you; I know.’” And when she overheard our conversation, Daneeka said, “Did you know I sing, too?” That’s what we liked about her: her confidence. Even though she’s only in the fourth grade. Even though she’s one of five kids. Even though she never took a dance class. Still. Confident.

The Little Dancing Lady, left, with her sister Deliyah and a friend at the TikiMarket at the Marina in Riviera Beach. Learn more about the event here.