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cocochats is Live on SupaJamz!

Heard cocochats yet? The 30-minute talk show airs at 6 p.m. each Wednesday–as in tonight!–on SupaJamz 103.7 FM, a young, Caribbean-themed station that is, in only a year, the most popular station of its kind in Palm Beach County (PBC).

Its hostess? cocowire’s very own team lead, Marian Dozier.

cocochats hostess with her–and Jamaica’s–favorite brew!

The show got started last month, after Ms. Dozier met station owner Junior Blacks. And talked.

“We were on the same page,” Ms. Dozier said. “It was important to both of us that our communities are aware, connected and strong. News helps.”

And those communities? As anyone who knows Ms. Dozier will tell you, they are the communities in PBC that make up the African diaspora—African Americans, Caribbeans and native Africans. A population growing in size, complexity and diversity.

The SupaJamz team! Click here to learn more about the young PBC-based, Caribbean-themed station.

Ms. Dozier comes to the radio station after co-hosting for several years the weekly South Florida Sunday show with former Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas A. Masters on X102.3 FM, the most popular R & B station in PBC. She also has been a legislative aide to state Senator Bobby Powell and to several members of the Riviera Beach City Council and, before that, a newspaper reporter or editor for more than two decades, including at the Detroit Free Press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

It was at that position in Florida that Ms. Dozier first learned about a focus she had–even though it wasn’t her beat or area of coverage. “No one is writing about what you do,” her editor at the time said, when he learned she was leaving to go to Atlanta.

“I remember thinking ‘huh?’ What is he talking about?’ ” Ms. Dozier said. “But he told me how I always made sure to get other voices in my stories—other black voices—and how I did it seamlessly. He said that was valuable, I remember, and it was primarily why he felt my byline leaving the Sun-Sentinel would leave an empty hole. It was a wow.”

Turns out he was right, though, when she thought later about her work at other newspapers too. Push it forward to cocowire–and cocochats.

cocochats host Marian Dozier interviews Alisa Hall, manager of the TikiMarket at the Marina in Riviera Beach. Learn more about the weekly event here.

So. Please. Tune in. Share story ideas. Tell us what you think. In other words, tell us about our focus: news, events and useful information for communities of color in PBC.

The guest on today’s show will be Anthony Ashe, creator of Rated R Fitness, which combines fitness with nutrition and faith–for a reason. Learn more about him here.