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He represents District 30.

That would be state Senator Bobby Powell, whose District covers Palm Beach County (PBC) from West Palm Beach north to the county line, heads west to pick up Royal Palm Beach and a few other towns and villages, and includes three barrier islands. We say all this because we incorrectly listed his District number in our monthly digital newsletter that went out to readers last Friday.

And as we talk about his District, let us tell you a few other things about him. Senator Powell is the youngest elected official representing PBC in the State Legislature; he is the highest-ranking public servant ever from his hometown of Riviera Beach; and he is a new, proud and happy father. His daughter just turned 1 this month.

The piece incorrectly said he represents District 88. Click here to read the corrected version. So, who does represent District 88? That would be state Representative Al Jacquet. Learn more about him here and, about Senator Powell, here.

State Rep.Al Jacquet.
He represents District 88.

We regret the error. And still can’t believe we made it.