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He impressed us

As we drove in West Palm Beach recently down a certain street in the ‘hood, we saw a young man sitting on a bench outside an apartment building. With gold teeth. And dreadlocks. But as he turned his head, his hair moved. It was beautiful. We slowed. He noticed and walked toward the car. Omg. Is he selling …

‘You need any mattresses? I’ve got all sizes, and they brand new” he said to me, before I could catch my breath. Um, you’re selling mattresses?, I asked. “Honestly, I thought you were…” I began, and he looked at me. He began to nod his head. And roll his eyes. I know, he said; I know. He started talking. Told a couple of stories. Like, one time, he applied for a job. Talked over the phone, got an interview. Then, he showed up. Um, sorry, he was told; the job is no longer available.

“This is who I am,” said Jatory Smith, 30, as his strong, confident hair swung. “If somebody can’t accept that, then they can go on.”

Then, he went back to the pitch. “We have mattresses, pillows…and they’re way lower than what they cost in the store,” he said. “And I deliver for free. Just get my number and call me.”

So, why did he impress us? Because he is not what was assumed. And it held him back not one bit.