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Haitian Heritage Month continues

The United States Census reports that Florida is home to the largest Haitian population in the United States and we are also home to the most counties that celebrate May as Haitian Heritage Month.

Indeed, according to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, Palm Beach County (PBC)’s Haitian community started recognizing the month-long celebration in 2001 and contributed greatly to making it a statewide, and then, national celebration. Even though it started in Boston in 1998.

Our Haitian community is also active on the ground, from Mora Etienne’s historic movie-making to nonprofit Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation, which is crazy busy worldwide working on behalf of its people both here and on the Caribbean island, to Emmanuel Morel, a former longtime federal jobs official who is serious about public service.

There’s a Caribbean Marketplace in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, which hosts events year-round, and the Haitian Heritage Museum in Delray Beach that does the same.

As we reflect, let’s also consider a host of events that celebrate Haitian food, music, culture and people that are happening this month, across south Florida. Here’s a couple of links:

Haitian Mother’s Day concert. Haitians celebrate the big day on May 26 and, in West Palm Beach, there will be an all-day, all-night concert in its celebration on May 31. For more information and the $20 tickets, click here.

The Palm Beach County Library system is hosting a series of events all month at different branches across the county. Here’s the link for a list of the really interesting, informative events.