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Another published PBC author–who also cares, responds

Yes, there is another published author in Palm Beach County (PBC) and, this one, for sure, has a story to tell. Stacey Nails had been homeless, on drugs and, while a child, molested by her stepfather—a man she had called Daddy. That’s the title, by the way, of one of her three books: I Called Him Daddy. Her other two books—Corners of My Mind and A Ruined Life: How I Became Who I Am—are also about her very rich story.

Why is it rich? Because, despite what happened to her—decades living on the street as an angry, yet sorrowful crackhead—she has achieved. She has thrived. And she’s helping others. Ms. Nails created Stacey Nails Footwork Project in 2018, which seeks to help people who are where she had been.

The Project is hosting its second Picnic in the Park from 11 am. to 3 p.m. this Saturday, June 1, at Gaines Park in West Palm Beach, which is a benefit for the Footwear Project. The event is free and open to the public and has a simple goal: for families to spend time together. That’s what troubled her life, she’s learned through her growth: her family didn’t talk. They didn’t listen. And she grew up without a voice.

“People who are homeless don’t need clothes and food; they get that all the time and from just about anywhere,” said Ms. Nails, in a very knowing way. “What they need is human interaction. They need to talk and connect and be listened to. That’s what we all need. And, then, as they change, they need support.”

And, she says, they then need to get involved. That’s why, when they start to rise, Ms. Nails ensures they join the team, so they can also help others with the knowledge of those similar experiences. Just as she’s helped them.

Learn more about her here, on her website, and about Saturday’s event and her books. They’re all available on the site; Ruined Life is also available here on Amazon. And listen to her tell her story, below, in her authentic, aware voice on last week’s South Florida Sunday radio show on X102.3 FM. And be inspired.

From left, Lavida Johnson, marketing guru; the author; and Mz. Millionaire, WJFP radio show personality, on the set of ‘South Florida Sunday’ for a talk about ‘A Ruined Life.’

Lastly, if you or someone you know in PBC is a published author, let us know! We’ve got a running list. Check it out here–and in the story above!