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His hair looks like a plant. Love it!

As the young man walked to the doorway of our office building, the first thing I noticed was the flowered plant he was carrying—uh oh, I thought; somebody bought me a flower! Um, no. But then I noticed his very fit, very slim height, then his really cool hair. The plant wasn’t for me, it turned out, but I bought two others. He was selling for his Boynton Beach-based employer, Tropical Troy, driving from one business to another, knocking on doors, pitching in a very calm, smooth way. This particular day, he was in West Palm Beach, but he says he drives all over; wherever his boss says. Steven Reynolds is his name and he is a recent graduate of Santaluces High School in Lantana. He was nice, professional and told me how to best take care of my new plants: Gold Star and Anthurium. But the main thing: his spirit—and his hair. Loved them both! —by Marian Dozier of cocowire.