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Batta Ears Boy

Recently, all over my social media news-feeds, parties and events, men have been proclaiming that they don’t want a Batta Ears Gyal, and it’s getting annoying.The term was popularized by Dancehall artiste Govana in his song Bake Bean. The chorus of the song is as follows “Some man a hype wid a bagga waste gal/Gena gena we nuh wife batta ears gal/Boy go ova yasuh wid yuh macka face gal/Gena gena we nuh wife batta ears gal”. The definition of Batta Ears Gyal is a female lacking ambition or self-worth. However, my question to Govana, and all his supporters, what is equatable to being a Batta Ears Gyal as a man? Lazy cannot do, we need something that is equally as offensive. Maybe a Batta Ears Boy?According to The Washington Post, women are dominating men at college. Last year, woman earned 57.4% of all bachelor’s degrees. But that’s not it, Forbes did a study that showed black woman as the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. Since 1997, the number of businesses owned by black woman has grown more than 322%.In a nutshell, woman are bossing up and the figures are here to prove it. So Govana, we don’t husband no Batta Ears Boys.

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