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Phantomm The Bad Breed

Take one good look at the 24-year-old artist Phantomm, and you will automatically see the passion in his eyes. The same passion that has fueled a very successful career in music.

Phantomm loved music from an early start. He recounts how he would come up with lyrics and melodies even while in school and his friends would push him to eventually take his music seriously. These same friends lovingly gave him the name Phantomm, which originates from the popular cartoon Danny Phantom. They call him this because he was quiet and could disappear and reappear without anyone noticing, similar to a ghost. The name stuck obviously, and to this day, he’s still friends with these young men. You have probably seen them calling themselves #TOPWEST.

Phantomm has produced his own genre of music called Bad Breed. He says “I can’t limit myself to saying I’m only a reggae artist or only a dancehall artist. I have my own style which encompasses many different musical elements. I plan to introduce the world to Bad Breed and show them what I am capable of.” Don’t think music alone he is recognized for; good looks as well. His current hit song ‘Bad Breed Gyal’ stems inspiration from a considerable number of girls fighting over the “Bad Breed General.”

Ask Phantomm what’s next and he remarks “I just want my fans to support me through everything. Be loyal to me and I will be loyal to you. I’m focused on bigger and better things. I’m constantly working to put out music that the world needs.” Welcome to JB Entertainment Phantomm, we look forward to working with you and supporting the stardom that’s due to you!